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Brand: Instup

Tags:  adminblacklist

If you constantly receive Spam through the Contact Us form and the captcha does not help, then you can add to blacklist the IP addresses or email from which the sending is being sent. When sending, a check will be made for the presence of data in the black list, and if a match is found, then the sending will not be performed.

For email, not only a complete match is performed, but also a partial one, for example: by specifying "spam", you will not receive messages from any user in whose email body it will be found (,, etc. )

All data is entered into the input fields separated by a semicolon.

These input fields will appear after installing the module (do not forget to update the modification cache) in the Store Settings, on the Mail tab.

Extension info
Opencart Versions 2.x
Installation type Standard Installation via Admin Panel
Ioncube Required No


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