Opencart 2X

Opencart 2X Extensions

Admin Panel protection
210 ₽

Protecting access to the Opencart Admin Panel by a parameter and (or) its value. Allows you to exclude brute force of the admin password.If you previo..

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Blacklist IP and Email

If you constantly receive Spam through the Contact Us form and the captcha does not help, then you can add to blacklist the IP addresses or email from..

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Order comment in Admin Panel
140 ₽

Order comment, which is visible only to managers or store administrator. To remove a comment, simply add a new one with an empty value to the input fi..

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Product Stats in Left column

At the bottom of the left main menu of Opencart there are statistics on the status of orders, which is not very convenient and, in principle, does not..

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Russian language for Opencart 2x
490 ₽350 ₽

Completely revised Russian language pack as for Opencart 2.x. The translation is made strictly according to the structure of Opencart and checked for ..

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