Russian language for Opencart 2x

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Completely revised Russian language pack as for Opencart 2.x. The translation is made strictly according to the structure of Opencart and checked for compliance with it.

Both the administrative part of the system (backend) and the client part (frontend) have been translated. The translation is also as close as possible to the classic translation of versions 1.5.6.x, some messages that do not matter for the Russian segment of users (in payment or delivery methods that are not available in Russia) remained untranslated.

What has been done compared with the official:

  • Fixed grammatical errors found
  • Translated necessary phrases that were not translated
  • Fixed inconsistencies in translation (Some entities were called differently in different parts, for example: Account, Account, Profile or Scheme, Template, Layout). We have tried to make sure that the entire system uses one name for one entity in order to eliminate ambiguity.
  • The translation of entity names was as close as possible to the existing one in Opencart 1.5.x (For example, instead of Settings, we returned Options, instead of Parameters - Attributes, etc.)

In addition, the archive contains a file with dumps of tables in which the Russian language, the Ruble currency have already been added, the statuses of goods in warehouses, the statuses of orders and returns of goods, as well as units of measurement have been translated.

Tables whose data will be translated when using a dump:

  • Currencies (added Ruble)
  • Languages ​​(Russian added)
  • Length classes (conversion of units of length)
  • Weight classes (weight unit conversion)
  • Order statuses (added translation of default statuses)
  • Returns (added translation of default return statuses, return reasons and return actions)
  • Product statuses (added translation of default product statuses in warehouses)
  • Zones (Regions) (added translation and last division of the Russian Federation into subjects)
Extension info
Opencart Versions 2.x
Installation type Copy files, no system files change
Ioncube Required No


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